Study Abroad

I have had students that came to me before participating in a home-stay program in Japan,

Episode 1:
“お世話になります” (Thank you for taking care of me.)
“お世話になりました。” (Thank you for having taken care of me.)
Upon arrival and when leaving the Japanese family, this student showed his appreciation of being under the care and having been under the care of the Japanese family.

Episode 2;
“手伝いましょうか” (Shall I help?)
This student offered help to his Japanese family while being part of the household.

Episode 3:
“何時に起きますか。”(What time do I get up?)
This student asked what time he should get up in relation to the schedule of the following day.

Episode 4:
This student made a comment about a specific aspect of Japanese schools and schools in USA.