November 29, 2016
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Dr. Daniel and Margie Sherick

At age 11, our son Josh, developed an interest in learning Japanese.  We sought a teacher that could work with younger kids and hold their attention, while also being fairly rigorous. We found what we were looking for in Kaori Ohara.

We heard of Kaori Ohara in 2007 when her students placed first at the annual Japanese Quiz Bowl. Equally as impressive was the camaraderie her diverse team shared and their genuine respect for, and connection to her.  Not only did her students win, but it was obvious that they were having fun! This was the sort of experience we wanted for our son.  Being a native speaker and having background in academia (Japanese Studies) at the University of Michigan, Kaori is positioned to guide her students to the highest levels.

Kaori is a tremendously dedicated, knowledgable, and enthusiastic teacher who actively engages her students.  With students’ busy schedules, it is occasionally difficult to find time for class. She makes every effort to get her students together – even if it means Skyping from Japan or China!  Our son looks forward to class with Kaori and his classmates. The kids now share that same camaraderie we first observed in  2007 and they have a deep respect and loyalty for Kaori.  After 4 years of classes, competitions, and preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Chicago), Kaori is more than an excellent teacher to her students, she really is an important part of their lives.